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About the Programme

Farmers4Safety Managing Risk Together EIP AGRI project adopts a ‘peer-to-peer’ mentoring and champion approach to engage farmers in an attitudinal and behavioral change towards farm safety by tackling and improving the social norms around farm safety and emotional wellbeing.

Irish Rural Link (IRL) in partnership with the BRIDE (Biodiversity Regeneration in a Dairying Environment) project, the Duncannon Blue Flag Farming & Communities Scheme, the New Futures Farming Group, and the Health and Safety Authority are carrying out this project in their catchment areas.

This project will investigate farmers, and farm families behaviours and attitudes towards farm safety, health and wellbeing and change the norm around farm safety and emotional wellbeing so it becomes a normal and sustained part of farming culture in Ireland while making the sector safer for those who live, work and visit farms. By utilising a peer-to-peer mentoring approach it will effectively engage farmers on the ground and be the catalyst to change the social norms surrounding farm safety, health, and wellbeing.

Meet the Team

Our 6 Farm Mentors all come from diverse farming backgrounds and have an abundant amount of expertise, skills and knowledge that will add to this Farm Safety EIP AGRI Project.

Key Objectives of the project consist of…

Establishing a network of trained farm mentors in three regions that comprises of individuals involved in farming on a part-time or full-time basis.

Embed farm safety, health and wellbeing in knowledge transfer in discussion groups.

Signpost farmers and farm families to the relevant supports/services that they may require, Create a permanent farm safety, health and wellbeing network by using appropriate discourse for farmers.

Highlight the importance of creating a buddy system that will tackle the issue of social isolation within the agriculture sector.

Use existing organisations and networks to maximize the reach of the project and further aid project dissemination.

Give farmers an opportunity to talk to co-farmers and support each other during busy working periods.

A change in culture in terms of farm work practices.

Researching farm safety applications with tech companies to identify how technology can be used to address farm safety and record keeping.

Ensure that nobody is left behind within the farming community.

Developing practical instruments that make it easy for farmers to complete their farm safety statements and ensure that they are sustained as an active priority in the overall farm plan.

Developing and delivering farm safety communication plans in each region.

Farm Safety Week

Five Ways to Wellbeing

Project Conference


Latest News

‘Stick 2 Safety’ Competition

Project Team and their Areas

The project will be delivered on the ground by a Farm mentor network comprising seven personnel; the Project Manager / Co-ordinator and the six mentors (2 per county).

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